• 1835

    The firm of Franz Laubek is founded which makes stationary steam engines and drive components for the growing industrialisation of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

    österreichisch-ungarischen Monarchie
  • 1897

    Production shifts to the manufacture of textile machinery (passementerie machines for fringes, borders and cords) under Franz Starlinger.

  • 1910

    The company moves its facilities to Mollardgasse 85a in Vienna’s 6th district.

  • 1920

    Production switches to the manufacture of specialised winding machines for the weaving industry.

  • 1959

    Franz Xaver Starlinger-Huemer takes over management of the business from his great-uncle, Franz Starlinger, becoming the new joint proprietor and managing director, while his wife, Erna Starlinger-Huemer, becomes commercial manager.

    Franz Xaver Starlinger-Huemer
  • 1970

    The plastics machinery manufacturing division is founded by Lenzing AG. Forerunner of SML-GmbH.

    Vorläufer der SML-GmbH
  • 1973

    VEB Plastmaschinenwerk is founded in Schwerin.

    Plastmaschinenwerk Schwerin
  • 1987

    Development of the globally successful HDN-4 circular loom.

    HDN-4 Rundwebmaschine
  • 1991

    Tisza Textil Kft is founded as a 50:50 joint venture with TVK (Tiszai Vegyi Kombinat AG) in Tiszaujvaros, Hungary, for the manufacture of plastic-based packaging products.

  • 1992

    Purchase of the VEB Plastmaschinenwerk Schwerin, which is renamed Maplan Maschinenfabrik und Anlagen für Kunststofftechnik Schwerin GmbH in 1996.

    Maplan Maschinenfabrik und Anlagen für Kunststofftechnik Schwerin GmbH
  • 1993

    Franz Starlinger-Huemer GmbH is founded.

    Franz Starlinger-Huemer GmbH
  • 1995

    Purchase of the plastics machinery manufacturing division from Lenzing AG, which is renamed SML Maschinenbaugesellschaft mbH.

  • 2002

    Purchase of Georg Sahm GmbH & Co KG. Following the death of Franz X. Starlinger-Huemer, Angelika Huemer becomes joint CEO of Starlinger & Co.

  • 2003

    100% takeover of Tisza Textil Kft. by FSH GmbH.

    Tisza Textil Kft
  • 2008

    Franz Starlinger-Huemer GmbH is set up as an industrial holding company for the FSH-Starlinger Group.

    FSH Holding
  • 2009

    Expansion of the production capacity for block parts manufacture at Maplan Schwerin. A new production hall is completed and two CNC-machining centres for the processing of machine components up to 120 tons are installed.

  • 2011

    Reorganisation of the FSH/Starlinger Group of Companies within the family and creation of Franz S. Huemer GmbH as a holding of the FSH Group with the divisions FSH Plastics, FSH Packaging, FSH Metals and FSH Shareholdings.

    FSH Holding
  • 2012

    TiszaTextil Group Headquarters opens in Vienna.

    FSH Holding
  • 2012

    Pharma-certified cleanroom in Chaumont enlarged and completely renewed, state-of-the-art-cleanroom technology.

    FSH Holding
  • 2013

    Single-loop bag business strengthened in Estonia and Hungary.

    FSH Holding
  • 2013

    First Agreement between fsh-Holding and Changyi Damei Trading Co., Ltd for cooperation.

    FSH Holding
  • 2015

    Opening ceremony and official start of production for Minibags. First serial production and delivery of Minibags.

  • 2017

    Enlargement of Pharma product portfolio with Engineering, Frames and Minibag C/p> FSH Holding

  • 2019

    SML inaugurated new heaquarter in Redlham following 18 short months of intensive construction work and determined to further expand their leading position in the field of extrusion technology in the upcoming years.

    FSH Holding
  • 2020

    The plastics machinery manufacturers SML are providing equipment for protective clothing during Covid-19 crisis. These materials, produced with a patented DoubleCoat process, ensure effective protection against viruses and bacteria.

    FSH Holding