MEE – meeting the future with innovation

Thinking ecologically and acting economically – M.E.E. has made its vision reality. Clean and efficient recycling technology creates a situation that profits customers AND the environment alike.

  • M.E.E. GmbH in Schwerin builds bioreactors with which its customers can turn wastes and residuals into recyclables. This enables them to make a profit and cut costs.
  • The company was founded in 2012 with the aim of developing innovative technologies and making them market-ready. An aim it has achieved with the EREKA upcycling unit and its unique patented bioreactor.
  • The company‘s expertise is put to use by a team of technicians, chemists, engineers and management specialists. They plan and build every upcycling unit precisely tailored to the customer‘s individual specifications and requirements.
  • The EREKA upcycling unit handles shredder materials & composites, sewage sludge, animal excrement and waste from the paper industry. Other materials are possible


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